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What is S//S?

S//S is a marketplace that makes it easy to buy and sell beauty products from other beauty lovers. It's the only dedicated marketplace to makeup, skincare, and beauty related items. As a S//Shopper it's easy to search for what you're looking for, add items to your cart, and checkout in a single transaction. If what you're looking for isn't available for sale at the moment, you can list it as an "In Search Of" aka ISO and as soon as someone posts one for sale or swap, they'll be alerted that you are looking for that item. As a S//Seller it's easy to list items you have available for sale. There is a built in shipping label feature, so when your item is sold, you can print and pop your item in the post right away. If you're interested in S//Swapping for something you want, all you have to do is include #swapWant as one of your tags in your ISO listing. If you're open to S//Swapping something you have, all you have to do is include #swapHave in your listing.

Does it cost me anything to use the site?

Membership is all yours for the low, low price of $0. For S//Sellers: - Listing is free - Stripe takes a transaction fee of 2.99% - S//S takes a commission of 5% (so, we can continue to provide exceptional customer service)

I don't live in the US... Can I use the site?

Unfortunately, at the moment only current residents of the US can purchase from S//S. The shipping feature isn't set up for international use yet. All prices are in USD.

What are the guidelines or rules for using the site?

That can be found in our terms and conditions. As well as in this blog post:

How do I become a verified seller?

Once you use your account to make a listing, your profile will be reviewed within 24 hours. Here is what we are looking for: -Original photos in the listings -Completed seller profile (profile picture, brief bio, return policy) And remember: your listings won’t be visible in the S//Shop until your have connected your Stripe account.

How are payments processed on the Marketplace? Is it safe?

Payments are processed by Stripe which means that their super-fancy-new-age-anti-fraud-bad-guy-catching-technology is behind every transaction. Stripe is the world leader is We don’t store or have access to any of your payment information at any point, ever. If you’ve ever bought anything through Shopify, planned a trip on, ordered from Glossier, or used Lyft, Stripe is the company powering that whole transaction.

What can be bought/sold on S//S?

- Brand name makeup, skincare, and beauty related items of any size - Subscription box items - Small batch independent brand makeup In general, most items sold on S//S are brand new or swatched. The condition of the item will always be listed and you are always welcome to request proof of purchase from the seller.

What does S//S stand for/mean?

S//S is pronounced "S", "S". The slashes just mean that the letter "S" stands for lots of things on our site like Sell, Shop, Swap, Sellers, Secure etc. The very first version of our platform centered on subscription box item swapping (back when we were Sub Swaps). Today, we've just shortened it to S//S.